Write a good recruitment advertisement quickly – every time

Our recent blog post on eleven ways to make your vacancy stand out from the crowd seems to have struck a chord.

But as you’ve reminded us, sometimes, you just need to get a recruitment advertisement ready, approved and live in double-quick time.

So, with some help from the recruitment advertising gurus at Ambleglow, we’ve produced a handy template for you to follow when you need to respond to that sudden resignation.

Despite the increasing sense of panic when you’re handed that dreaded resignation, it’s important to spend time perfecting your advert text. Remember, a captivating job advertisement is crucial to attracting the right applicants and will also lead to faster hiring.

We are here to help. This user-friendly template covers the key pieces of information that you will need.

Once downloaded it will give you:

  • A consistent approach for your ads.
  • Help with getting the headline right.
  • Tips for ‘optimising’ your listing so it is spotted by other sites.
  • Ways to easily adapt your approach for hard to fill vacancies.
  • A checklist for making sure you have included everything.

Template (downloadable template here)

By following these simple guidelines you will ensure every advert will give you the best chance to attract high-quality applicants.

Still staring at a blank screen? Get in touch for some free advice. Please contact the TVER team on team@tver.co.uk