What is a job board summary?

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We’re giving you 3 simple questions to ask yourself whenever you are preparing a job listing. We’re also giving you some useful templates that you can adapt to suit your specific vacancies. Plus, we’ll reveal the number one mistake schools make when preparing their summary.

Eleven ways to make your vacancy stand out from the crowd

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With parents continuing to prioritise the quality of teaching staff above everything else when deciding on where to send their children, it’s no wonder that most schools place recruiting top talent as their main priority. Well publicised teacher shortages in certain key areas are creating potentially very expensive recruitment challenges for many schools. Yet some schools, and not just those with large recruitment budgets, are rising to the challenge.

5 Principles to Help You Get The Most Out of Free Education Job Boards

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We believe that every school should use these free boards as an important first step in their recruitment campaigns. After all, every pound you save here on these costs (including advertising, time wasted on admin activities, and the expensive finder’s fees demanded by third-party recruitment agencies) can be put to work somewhere else in your school. Perhaps to an even greater effect.